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Dear Members and Friends of SwedCham,

We are delighted to invite you, together with SwissCham Shanghai, to attend our SME Seminar, which is launched by the SME/Industrial Committee of SwissCham Shanghai. During this half-day event, we will discuss some of the most important topics and challenges that foreign SMEs face in China.

1. Corporate Governance for SMEs in China - by Giovanni Pisacane of GWA
Giovanni Pisacane will provide updated information to understand the key factors involved in organizing, structuring and managing a company in China. It will focus on the critical issues that foreign investors and professionals encounter in China and using a clear and practical overview of Corporate Governance, Structure and Management of Foreign-Invested Enterprises under Chinese Law following the introduction of the 2015 Draft of the Foreign Investment Law. This latest reform will likely have a major impact on the investment landscape, as it calls for the replacement and unification of the three Foreign Investment Laws currently in place, resulting in important changes in the legal framework governing foreign investments. The presentation will examine company structures, together with their functions and relevant liabilities, the positions held in a company in order to better understand the stakes each holds in Corporate Governance: the shareholders, legal representative, board of shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors and the general manager.

2. Branding and Marketing in Chinese market - by Chantel Huang of Process Brand Evolution
Chantel Huang will share Thermos as an entire branding and marketing case to demonstrate its brand positioning in the Chinese market. Furthermore, she will also demonstrate how to drive a marketing campaign tightly correlated with original brand core values in order to enhances brand awareness in the Chinese market. In addition, Chantel will share how foreign brands leverage WeChat as the major social media tool, which helps interact with their target audience in order to enhance brand loyalty in Chinese market.
3. Made in China 2025: A New Competitive Landscape - by Marshall Chen of Fiducia
China’s ambitious plan to transform itself into a high-tech power has stirred excitement as well as concerns among foreign SMEs. Will it turn China into a huge market for foreign technology and high-end products, or will it trigger new competitive challenges? Fiducia head of consulting team, Marshall Chen will address these questions by drawing from the consulting firm’s on-the-ground insights. The presentation will include:
- Snapshots of how the competitive landscape is shifting in specific industries, such as automotive, machinery, and med-tech
- An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Chinese companies
- Key actions foreign companies can take along their value chain to leverage their strengths in in China

4. The development and special applications of the Chinese labor law - by Karen Zhang of Comet AG
Karen will present the case of Comet AG, which has added employees continuously and now has over 100 staff in China. Looking back at the implementation of the new Chinese labor law in 2008, Karen will elaborate on the law’s special applications and how they developed in the last 10 years. She will also focus on best practices in the termination process, which has become one of the major issues HR and general management have to spend time on in China in the last years.

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