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Lari Iso-Anttila (CEO, Redigo)

Lari Iso-Anttila

CEO, Redigo

Lari Iso-Anttila has about 20 years’ experience of ICT business and he has rich and extensive knowledge of software development and R&D management.
Today he is successfully leading the most significant Identity Management project for Finnish and Swedish construction business domains. He has successfully implemented a commercial identity management system in Finland in 2013, called Valtti Card. Valtti Card is a significant commercial identity management system in the construction sector in Finland.

Stephane Laurent (CMO, Penta Global Foundation)

Stephane Laurent

CMO, Penta Global Foundation

Stephane Laurent is Chief Marketing Officer at Penta Global Foundation, a next generation Blockchain platform. An accomplished business developer and digital marketer, Stephane has 15 years of diversified work experience in industries such as finance, Real Estate and technology with a geographic spread that includes the US, China, the Middle East, the Netherlands as well as other parts of Europe.
As a Blockchain Consultant he has advised companies such as Shivom, Hybridblock, and London Football Exchange on their ICO strategy, fundraising, partnerships, and marketing. Stephane is a long-term mentor for startups and a regular public speaker on topics as diverse as business modeling, community building and corporate social responsibility. He has additional expertise in data science and excellent language skills. He holds an Executive MBA from Abertay Dundee and a BA (Hons) in Law and International Relations from Jean Moulin University.