With one of the highest rates of female economic participation in the world, and with Chinese women contributing with close to half of the National GDP, organisations and companies will benefit from understanding the experiences, motivations, common challenges and opportunities for action for this pool of talent.

Today China boasts the highest number of self-made female billionaires and close to 80% of Chinese technology companies have women in top posts, versus less than half in the EU. Why are some professional women in China rising, when we still see relatively few women that hold positions of power in the West? Can any insights be applied to the West? Are the gains due to legal, historical or even cultural factors? Are the strategies taken by Chinese women or companies different?

In this sharp talk Rachel Tong, Secretary General of Lean in China, will share data from this year's "Woman, Work and Happiness" report that will be released in May, surveying professional Chinese women nationwide. When some of the findings the report was presented at International Women's day earlier this year, it attracted 55 million views on Weibo viewing and 9,000 comments within a few days.

Lean in China is a professional development platform, dedicated to advancing the goals and aspirations of Chinese women, and has more than 100,000 members in 25 cities and 100 college communities.

About the Speaker:

Rachel Tong, Secretary General, Lean In China and Inaugural Richard Rockefeller Fellow. Rachel is a researcher and educator at leading think tanks on philanthropy and social entrepreneurship in China and her research is focused on family philanthropy; higher education and philanthropy; social sector-focused education.

Previous education and fellowships: Richard Rockefeller Fellow, NYC, Inaugural 2016/17; Professional Fellows of US Department of State, Harvard Kennedy School, Fall/2015; Development study camp at UNESCO, OECD and IIEP, Paris, Fall/2012

About the report

The report is produced biannually, the previous one in 2017/2018 "Women, Work and Happiness: Impact of Women in the Workplace in the Digital Age" was aimed at understanding the leadership behaviours of Chinese men and women and their resulting impact in the workplace across China. They seek to answer how organisations in China can make sure that they are tapping into the potential of their workforce and what they can do to ensure that the challenges women face are managed. Understanding global and domestic trends in human capital and the future of work, as well as what role women play, can better prepare organisations to address these challenges.








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