As requested by our member companies this autumn we will offer a range of workshops targeting sales management professionals and business owners who must assume a sales management role. Every sales organizations need a leader who can inspire them, support the organization's vision, and set the direction for the future, therefore our training will enable sales managers to establish a management framework built on productive behavior, cooperation, collaboration, and accountability.

应广大企业会员需求,中国瑞典商会将于秋季为会员提供永不过时关于销售的一系列主题培训,主要目标人群锁定企业内那些担任销售管理工作的销售管理专业人士和企业老板们。每个销售组织需要一位领导者可以激励他们,支持组织愿景,掌舵未来, 而我们此次培训将能帮助销售经理们建立在生产行为、合作、协作和问责制之上的管理框架。

This in-depth program covers four critical sales management abilities:

  • The role of the sales manager and core values of successful sales (optimistic and self-motivated)
  • Sales target setting and the logical relations among strategic-marketing-sales
  • How to identify user needs and increase sales efficiency
  • Construction, Incentive and Development of Sales Team


  • 销售经理的角色和成功销售的核心价值观(乐观和自我激励)
  • 销售的目标设定及公司的战略分解(战略-市场-销售的逻辑关系)
  • 分辨用户需求, 提高销售效率
  • 销售团队的建设、激励与发展

Upon completion of the sales management training participants will be able to:

  • Effectively use spoken and body language in order to increase influence and confidence
  • Manage own customers and provide management decisions for the organization
  • Forecasting and resource allocation
  • Task follow-up and coaching


  • 通过有效的语言交流和身体语言提升销售员的自信心和影响力
  • 管理好自己的客户并问组织提供经营决策
  • 预测和资源配置
  • 任务的跟进与辅导

About The Martinsen Group:

The Martinsen Group was founded in 2001 and has the business exploration and cross-field development authority of two major international brands, Thomas International and Leadership Pipeline Institute, in China. Relying on a strong psychological background, the Martinsen Group is based on high reliability and validity, 1.6 billion data talent assessment tools and technical analysis support,provide diagnostic and data-based talent development solutions for businesses and individuals.

马丁森集团创立于2001年,拥有托马斯国际、 LPI 两大知名国际品牌在中国的业务拓展和跨领域发展授权。依托强大的心理学背景,基于高信效度、16亿大数据人才评价工具与技术分析,为企业和个体提供诊断式、数据化的人才发展解决方案。

Event Details:

When: Wednesday, September 25 09:00-17:00

Where: The Library, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China's Beijing office

Address: Jinshang, -1/F, 20 Xinyuanli West, Chaoyang District / 北京市朝阳区新源里西20号-1层金尚

Price: 1000 RMB Members, 1750 Non-Members (including lunch)

Language: Chinese 中文



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