The Chinese are often referred to as the world's toughest negotiators with unfathomable negotiation tactics.

The SwedCham is delighted to invite Professor Tony Fangagain, Stockholm Business School (SBS), Stockholm University in Sweden, to share his research and insight on cross cultural issues from the perspective of the style of Chinese negotiation.

The purpose of this SCCC training webinar is to help the participants to decode Chinese negotiation tactics in business and elsewhere by penetrating into the Chinese psyche in cross-cultural negotiations. Both theories and practical skills are covered. Real-life case studies from Nordic-Chinese business contexts are illustrated and discussed.

You will learn from the Workshop:

1, What are the major Chinese negotiation behaviors in Sino-Western negotiations?

2, What is the most basic Chinese negotiation principle?

3, How to respond to specific Chinese negotiation tactics?

4, How to build a sustainable working relationship with Chinese counterparts?

Prior to the training:

After the registration, participants will be asked to read the paper on " Culture as a Driving Force for Inter-firm Adaptation: A Chinese Case by Tong Fang" prior to coming to the webinar. You will be also required to write and share two short stories about your personal or others' negotiation experiences.


  • Professor Tony Fang (Business Administration at Stockholm University, Sweden)

    Professor Tony Fang

    Business Administration at Stockholm University, Sweden

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