• 회원 전용 가격가격:RMB 550
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  • 표준 가격가격:RMB 990
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Company Table

표준 가격 / 회원 전용 가격

Buy the Company Table service to enjoy company branding and grouped, reserved seating for up to 15 guests. It is also an opportunity to invite clients, co-workers or non-member friends to enjoy member price.

Service fee for the package is 2500. Ticket are purchased separately. The deal includes 1 free ticket for 4 purchased, e.g. 8 bought tickets will give you 2 free tickets (total: 8 + 2 = 10).

  • 표준 가격가격:무료
  • 회원 전용 가격가격:RMB 2,500
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