Other: First Aid Training on CPR and how to deal with office diseases

Do you know what to do when an emergency hits? Do you think that your staff knows? The objectives of this yearly First-aid training is to ensure that the staff at your company can rapidly implement a response in the case of a life threatening medical incident by practicing CPR tips one by one.

In addition, this time we are happy to have the highly recommended Chinese traditional doctor Zhanglibo who will share with us how to deal with the common office diseases, like Insomnia, cervical spondylosis, Periarthritis of shoulder, etc. Are you suffering from these office diseases?

Welcome to sign up for the event, you will learn how to keep yourself healthier and happier at work place.

你知道当紧急情况发生时该怎么办吗?你认为你的员工也知道吗? 每年一次的急救培训目的是确保你公司的员工可以通过一对一的实操练习来掌握心脏复苏术的要领从而在遇到紧急状况时可以迅速做出争取应对反应和措施。(适用场景: 任何导致心脏骤停的紧急状况)

职场中的大多数人几乎天天闷在办公室,一直盯着电脑屏幕,平时又缺乏运动,身体素质越来越差,一不小心就会惹上常见的办公室疾病:比如失眠神经衰弱,鼠标手、颈椎病、肩周炎等等。这一期的急救培训我们有幸邀请到中国传统中医张立波医生,他将现场与大家分享如何应对这些越来越年轻化的办公室疾病。 张医生还将选出自愿者,望闻问切,当场给出具体诊断和调养建议。您正在遭受这些办公室疾病的困扰吗? 或者您想为企业员工提供更多的健康福利?欢迎报名!

Date: Thursday, July 12

Time: 14:00-17:00

Price: Members/100RMB, Non-members/200RMB

Venue: Euro-Center Office 欧善

Address: 1103B Shun Tak Tower 11 #, No. 1 Xiangheyuan Street, Dongcheng, Beijing


Language: in Chinese 中文